Getting the Wheels in Motion: Learn to Start Your Own Online Casino in 6 Easy Steps – Daily Game|Getting the Wheels in Motion: Learn to Start Your Own Online Casino in 6 Easy Steps

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Getting the Wheels in Motion: Learn to Start Your Own Online Casino in 6 Easy Steps

Six easy steps, that’s all it can take to start your very own online casino.

There are plenty of people that want to start an online casino, but 90% get scared off by the prospect of the legwork that goes into starting your own online casino.

But, what if you found out six simple steps to set those casino wheels in motion? Do you think you will be part of that 90% margin? Or do you think you will become one of the few who follow through with their dream and open their successful online casino?

Read through this guide to have you spinning your own online roulette wheels. All it takes is a little bit of determination, a great guide (like this one right here) and a lot of attention to detail- follow the instructions and you find yourself gliding through the process.

1. Select your Provider

What games and content do you want to offer people? The answer to this will determine which online provider you select.

This is one of the most crucial steps because the software, content and platform that you select now will determine what software will form the core of your online casino. The software ensures that the following runs efficiently:

– Security (i.e. from fraud)

– Marketing and advertising

As you can see, the software is an important element for your online casino.

Next up, you have to select what gaming content you want to offer your visitors. Remember that while the software is the core element of your online casino, the content is what everybody is going to see- it is what is going to attract visitors to your site. Therefore, you can see that the provider that you select needs to have the best software that money can buy as well as the right content and games that you want to offer your visitors.

There are generally two different types of providers. Providers will either offer you packages of games and content that were created in-house or content that was bought by outside creators. If you select a provider that designs the games themselves, you may pay less. If, however, the provider you select sources content from outside businesses (B2B), you may end up paying higher fees but you have the advantages of selecting multiple games from multiple developers, without having to sign a multitude of contracts and you could get immediate licensing as well. Use this casino guide for online casinos to help you make your choice.

Always take your time to review the different suppliers and platforms that you are considering making your business partners. Request templates from at least 10 different suppliers, do your research on each company and make an informed decision.

2. Get Licensed

By law, before you begin running an online casino, you need to obtain a casino license. Bear in mind that you do not have to get a casino license in the same country as the one you reside in. This is handy because obtaining a license in countries like Costa Rica and Curacao can be cheaper than others.

You may want to enlist the services of a website like Slogold. They can help you to create an offshore company so that you have something to offer visitors while you obtain the legal licensing.

3. Choose which Payment Methods you want to Accept

Right, now that you have your license you want to start making money. But first, you need to decide how to accept money. There are many payments options to choose from, from credit cards to Payoneer.

Remember that the preferred method for most clients is credit card. So, make sure that this is the first payment method that you activate. In order to accept credit card payments, you will need to have a service set up that can process the credit card payments. This will help protect you and your business as well. Because credit cards are so wildly popular on the internet, with a little bit of research you will be able to find an affordable service.

4. Use Advertising to Attract Visitors

By now you have your platform, content, licensing and payment methods ready- all you need is paying playing customers. And how are you going to let people know that you have an awesome online casino ready and waiting for them? Through marketing and advertising, of course!

Check out the following tips to help you create the perfect profitable casino marketing:

– Which countries do you want to attract? (Who is your target market?) Use local advertising like area specific SEO, TV ads and even radio ads to attract people in those countries/areas. And remember, even if you are focused on specific countries, offer as many languages as possible for your visitors.

– Create a unique experience for your visitors- give them something to remember your casino by. This way you can attract loyal customers. People that enjoy playing at your online casino are more likely to become return visitors. Check out companies like CasinoWebScripts to help you design a game that is unique to your casino.

– In the long-term, you will need to use SEO to help attract clients. You can either go the long way and self-study or you can take a shortcut and hire a professional to ensure optimum optimization.

5. Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!

Developing a rewards program can go a long way in ensuring happy and loyal visitors. Not everybody can always be a winner, but if you want to keep long-term visitors hooked than you need to offer them something other than “Oh, you lost- try again!”

Incentives and loyalty discounts and rewards are like an investment into your business. Treat your loyal customers like family friends and you can be sure that they will keep coming (and spending their money).

6. Become a Fixer

This last step is important for your state of mind, and the state of your business. Nothing is ever going to run smoothly, so you need to become adept at managing challenges.

Online casinos can be susceptible to more risks than other business. These risks include hackers, so make sure that you have a professional on hand to perfect your security.

Also, pay attention to the quality of your graphics, if your games are not pleasing to the eye then not many will stay and open their wallets or purses for you.

Always be flexible and be ready to identify solutions to potential problems; if you are receiving plenty of traffic but not many who stay to play consider upgrading your games, graphics, payment methods and even languages.

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